Sallee School

what is sallee school?

In a nut shell... Sallee School is continuous year around, quality education at your doorstep! We realize it can be difficult to leave your busy studio and family behind to travel to all of the major conventions get the inspiration you need to grow, so we are bringing the high quality education to you! We have hand selected some of the finest, most passionate, working professionals to share what has made them successful in hopes to raise the level of professional photographers all around the country! Don't just bring yourself, be a mentor to someone in your city and bring them along as well so we can help them too! Let's all inspire and grow together at Sallee School!

sallee school... something different
helping photographers better themselves one city at a time



Slideshow coming soon.



just a small fraction of what will be covered

  • Going "pro" when is it the right time
  • Fresh Product Ideas that make $$$
  • Easy Workflow (so easy, your granny can do it)
  • Business & Marketing from the best
  • Policies Photographers should Have
  • Inspiration for the Starving Artist
  • How to Own Your Area Code
  • Educate your client for a smooth, fun and profitable experience
  • Adding boudoir to your studio
  • easy album designs from scratch
  • Basic Camera and Lighting Techniques
  • Intermediate Photoshop Tricks that WOW
  • Advanced Marketing tips from the Best
  • Planning and Pre-selling to shoot with propose with products in mind
  • Live Photoshop demos in each stop
  • Live on-location Lighting Demos
  • Make More Money the easy way
  • Stand out in a crowded market
  • Elite Photo Finishing Techniques
  • Unique Pricing and Packaging
  • Business Mistakes to Avoid
  • Lots of Free Sponsor Goodies
  • Destination weddings & sessions
  • Marketing ideas for wedding and portrait photographers
  • Making the transition from weddings to portraits - when is it the right move?
  • Doing it yourself Vs. Outsourcing
  • Selling Digital files (when and why)
  • How to handle "the cd" issue and make it a positive thing for your studio
  • Pricing for Profit and growth


shoot better, design faster, love life!