Sallee School


Q. Is Sallee School for me?
A. This School is for every wedding/portrait and Photoshop artist! Whether you are an industry veteran or in the beginning of your career or just interested in becoming a better photographer, Sallee School will help you avoid common mistakes and get you on the path to your studios success! Please click on the "Content" tab for more in depth information about the School.

Q. How long should I wait until I purchase my ticket?
A. From past experience with our first three tours, almost every city sold out and you will be highly disappointed if you don't get a seat to this AMAZING program! As a bonus, the first 50 photographers to sign up in each city will receive "Special" thank you from the registers office and coupons to the Sallee School store! Trust me; you will want to be one of the first 50 receiving hundreds of dollars in student coupons!

Q. How will I know if I am one of the first 50 to sign up in my city?
A. Once you enroll in Sallee School, you will receive a confirmation letter for the registers office letting you know if you have made the grade (don't worry, we have a 99.9% enrollment rate!)

Q. What do I need to show at the door to get in?
A. Your smiling face, your printed e-mail confirmation letter or your full name will do just fine. We will have a list of registered students at the door. Our "Hug-A-Tree" committee ask that you forgo the printing and just use your name to get into class!

Q. I have registered for class but the location says "TBA"? Where do I go???
A. Be sure to check back to this site 30 days prior to your cities event date and we will have updated info about the location of the program. We will be hosting the school within a 15 mile radius of your city center or major airport.

Q. I signed up for Sallee School but I had a last minute thing pop up and I can't make it, can I get a refund!?!
A. Sorry,due to limited seating no refunds will be issued. If you can't attend the class, we suggest reaching out to your photo pals and reselling your seat! All they would need to do is check in with your registered name - EASY!

Q. My spouse will be driving me to the event; can he or she sit in for free? Also can I bring my 14 kids and all sit in the front row and make farting noises with their mouths?
A. Due to limited number of seats in each city, we ask that every seat be reserved for registered students only. You would be upset if you showed up and did not have a seat reserved, wouldn't you? As far as bringing your kids along with you... we ask that you please leave your kids at home. You would think this would be common sense but we always have people bring their kids to our tours!?! This is a professional seminar and we will bore the heck out of them. Oh and they might distract the other paid attendees as well.

Q. Can I videotape your seminar and sell my DVD's On line and/or hosts my own tour and shares your information to my attendees?
A. Believe it or not, this has happened to us too many times to count! PLEASE do not videotape or photograph our slides and if your really want to start sharing what you know with other, please share what YOU know and not what you learned from a seminar! ;)

Q. Can I sign up for the tour and will you just mail the notes to me if I can't make it?
A. Did you get FREE notes in high School or College! My guess is no! At Sallee School their will be no smoking in class, no french kissing, no cheating and no free notes! We feel that the BEST way to learn is by attending LIVE seminars and frantically take notes so that you burn it to memory! Besides, don't you want to network with all of your friends!

Q. Is parking free at the event hotel?
A. We always try and negotiate the best parking rate for each event but many times we are at the mercy of your city! We suggest that you bring in your parking stub to the concierge and ask for validation and mention that you are there for "Sallee School" and see what they say! We will do our best to update this site 30 days before each stop and inform you of the event location and cost of parking click here to link to the "more info" page

Q. Will coffee and sodas be available?
A. To keep your ticket cost low, we will not be supplying free beverages but many of the hotels will have a bar and or coffee shop in the lobby and we will take a few small breaks so that you can get your fix!

Q. I have already registered but today I just found a discount code for the school, can I get a refund on the difference?
A. Sorry but the discount codes may only be applied when the ticket is purchased from this tour site. We cannot refund the difference in the discount amount after your ticket has been purchased.

Q. Can you add my name to a waiting list if my city sells out?
A. Sorry but no, it is first come first serve! We do expect every city to sell out so please purchase your ticket now before it is too late.