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It all started in a very dark room with only one measly red light!

Dallas & Chicago based wedding & portrait photographers, JB & DeEtte met and fell in love at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State!) JB, a photo lab instructor at the time, persuaded DeEtte into taking a beginning B&W photography course her first semester in college. She immediately fell in love with photography and the two have been making art ever since. Since 2003 they have been capturing wedding images in a fresh and innovative way and help to set the standard for contemporary wedding photography. Together they own and operate Sallee Photography, one of the most successful and Internationally recognized wedding studios in the nation! Together they have formulated a unique structure to the way they run their business. They are both main photographers and split the shooting and sales equally, JB and his team handle the photo finishing and final product quality control, while DeEtte deals with the client relationship side of the business and then they outsource the rest.

After having their first child (Brinkley, pictured above) 3 years ago, their lives and business have taken a dramatic turn for the best! They have noticed that the natural course of many wedding photographers has also run its course with them and many of their past brides are now having babies and looking to Sallee Photography for "something different" with their child's portraits. They have since added a new line of fine art children's portraiture to their portfolio and plan on opening a new studio in Dallas in 2012 to fill a niche they feel is missing in their market. Creating art for all of their great clients is truly their calling and passion!

Sallee Photography is the most decorated and award winning studio in Texas and has won every major award from every organization they are involved in including...

Both JB & DeEtte acknowledge that the true test of time is running a smooth, successful and profitable business that can adapt to change and stay on top no matter what the circumstance. "These days, pretty pictures can only get you so far! To get to that next level it takes smart business sense, continuous product development and most importantly a great attitude and strong work ethic!" JB & DeEtte Sallee